UI Web app designer


UI Web app designer - Policy Wizard project- Glenn Herbert

I worked as the lead designer on a KPMG project to create a desktop application that took complex corporate policy documents and split them up into actionable article statements, which were then attached to business rules and legal obligations. This allowed KPMG's internal business analysts to make recommendations. See screenshots of the final product and design process, below.

Screens have been amended as well as dummy text and data used to protect confidentiality.

Full UI design of the application

UI design
  • Design layout in Figma.
  • Applying branding.
  • Prototyping in Figma.

Defining the user and client requirements

Screenshot of user journey workshop
  • User Journey and User Flow improvements.
  • Remote stakeholder engagement and user research.
  • Design thinking and leadership on a cross-functional Agile team.

Design development of potential solutions

Wireframe session
  • Ideation – brainstorming.
  • Sketching.

Design System

Component Library
  • Full Component Library in Figma.
  • Categorised to help developers, drawing on the new branding.
  • Element and variant styling.

Complex user interaction UI design

Mapping document elements
  • Designs in Figma.
  • Prototyping of the designs to get user feedback.

Complex diagram visualisations

Complex diagram visualisations
  • Designs in Figma.
  • Design prototyping to aid developers in building the complex interactive infographic design.