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About SciFi Bubble

This is a humorous blog looking at the inflated hype machine of the SciFi TV and film industry

You know all about economic bubbles that burst, don't you? Where values of things like houses or technology shares go up and up unchecked and then suddenly crash? Well look at Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It's all very much in the mainstream. Disney has bought Marvel and Star Wars. Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is never ending. Harry Potter. ..Star Trek... Franchises are rinsed, repeated and sold as commodities. With all the millions dollar marketing hype budgets, the cultural and financial value is huge. When will the bubble pop and the genre return to the underground and the geeks?

Well I don't have any answers at all to be honest. The above idea is what gave me the name for the blog, and it's an excuse to make a blog about observations like that about Sci-Fi Generally.

I hope you like it!!