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Disney Star Wars...

...The Next Generation.


What I've found is that my inner child quite likes the new Disney Star Wars films, but my inner grown up isn't so impressed. The inner grown up unfortunately tends to win. Actually, I quite like being a grown up, I get to do cool stuff!

To be honest I'm comfortable having these conflicting opinions at times. I come out of the cinema all aglow only for the inner grown up to see the plot holes and flaws in the story a few days later as the excitement ebbs. The inner child initially gives the film a gazillion out of ten, then a more moderate 6 or 7 out of 10 takes hold. I then feel that I was spoilt by how good I thought the old films were as a kid. I don't remember having this conflict with the George Lucas's films, but then I was younger at the time and the story writing has been passed to other writers, so it's bound to change. I'm also aware how rose tinted my nostalgic view is. I know other people my age have different opinions on the Disney Star wars films, both more or less positive and their feelings differ. Everyone will have a slightly different opinion and I've got to accept that. But what I've realised most is that my opinions, my inner child and inner adult are all a product of when, where and how I grew up, and so is everyone else.

So yes. It's not shocking for me to conclude that the new Disney Star Wars films are not specifically aimed at this middle aged bloke (even though I think they tried hard in parts to try). Writing, technology and film making has changed. Younger film goers will have different standards, expectations and priorities to me and Disney will set out to meet them.

I'll always have the original trilogy to watch and what I think are the good bits of the prequels. If I want, I can just dismiss the new Star Wars films as simply another JJ Abrams's alternative universe and cherish what I love of George Lucas's original vision. I'm not going to let the past die as Kylo Ren said in Episode 8, but I'm happy to let go and accept the future, where it's another generation's time to form an opinion on a new saga that I'm less interested in. I'm not precious about the direction of the new films, unlike some fans.

As Rose said in Episode 8 it's preferable to protect what you love rather than destroy what you hate. That goes for many things in life from film, art, music and politics. It's much better to be for something than constantly against. So I'm for progress, new ideas and new stories, but I can protect the legacy of the old films by remembering and re-watching them.

I hope there will be more Sci-Fi in the future which will make both my inner child and inner grown up happy, if there isn't then I'm grateful for the old films I've loved. But when I see new films through the eyes of my children, I can appreciate its their time to enjoy the Sci-Fi of the day in their own way, inspiring their own day dreams. I can also appreciate that my inner perspectives are unique to me and my upbringing, at a particular point in time and the same goes for everyone else.

So to conclude, I guess my feeling is that Star Wars started and ended with Lucas really. But at the end of the day the new films are being made for kids, are only a bit of fun and not particularly made for this middle aged bloke. If I want to watch Star Wars I can go back to the Lucas ones. Why have a Disney Star Wars snack when I can have a Lucas Star Wars main meal?

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