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So called Socialist Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi that'll really upset the Daily Mail.

Some time ago I saw a Daily Mail article calling Matt Damon's Elizium as being "Sci-Fi Socialism"

Monumentally missing the point of dystopian Sci-Fi generally, it decryed it's openly political agenda.

So what other examples of Sci-Fi are there that would upset the Daily Mail in seeing a dysfunctional future of poverty, oppression and conspiracy? A reality that's obviously unlikely!

In no particular order:

Gattaca- Anyone not genetic engineered with biological defects is called an Invalid and can't get insurance.

Equilibrium - Emotion is the root of violence and evil and is removed in a totalitarian society.

A Scanner Darkly - The war on drugs has failed in a surveillance society.

The Island - A post apocalypse controlled society or something darker?

They Live - Aliens control our minds with subliminal advertising to consume and obey, whilst they steal our natural resources.

Society - Higher echelons of society are inbred mutants.

Aeon Flux - A post virus strict social control state.

In Time - Life is the currency, and some have more than others!

V for Vendetta - Where that bloody mask came from!

Death Race 2000 - America is a dictatorship, a Death Race is the national sport and other countries are blamed for any misfortune!

Actually this is most of my DVD collection! Yay! There's probably loads more, but you get the idea. It's easy to get up the nose of the Daily Mail. Not that they like Sci-Fi anyway!

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