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Dr Who, Why, Where?

Why is it the only Sci-Fi in the BBC Universe?

When Doctor Who was re-launched a while back it had a real promise of revisiting a much loved institution. Despite cardboard sets and wooden baddies it did occasionally come up with a cracking story. Watching old episodes is an affectionate run down a memory lane made from shaky ply wood corridors and it's rightfully a jewel in the BBC crown. But few seem to challenge its continued run in its modern format.

What gets me is that this is the ONLY Sci-Fi offering at present by the BBC. Over the years the new Doctor Who has struggled delivering story lines, originality and half decent dialogue. It's stayed to a formula, stayed to a younger audience and not ventured far from storylines set in 21st century England. Oh look we're in an assistant's living room again. That's what an infinitely powerful time machine was invented for! It's a BBC soap opera in all but name.

If it has jumped the shark then I hope it doesn't reflect badly in any commissioning of new Sci-Fi at the BBC, because it's a genre that could thrive there.

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