I'm a casual gamer

I occasionally play PC games on Steam and mobile games on Google Play.


My favourite type of games...

I usually play fast paced, easy, arcade and action games as a berzerk action hero or a mini military leader. I'll probably be playing these types of games:

Shooting: Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, Star Wars Battlefront, Nation Red, X-Wing, Renegade Ops, Danmaku, Geometry Wars, Space Invaders

Bashing: Jedi Knight, Soul Calibur, King of Fighters, Freedom Force, FIFA, Diablo III, Torchlight

Speeding: Wipeout, Outrun, Grand Theft Auto, Carmageddon, Zombie Driver, Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Conquering: Command & Conquer, Machines at War, Risk, Total War, Galcon, Starfleet Command, Gratuitous Space Battles

Well those are the categories I use!!